Sunday, January 7, 2007

Surveying the BI Salary Surveys

Ever wonder if you are compensated appropriately for your work as a BI professional? Below is some salary information I've gleaned from various sites and consolidated for your convenience.

Computerworld's Smart Salary Tool 2006 shows Data Warehousing Managers at $116,452 in 2006, a 4.17% increase of 2005. Be wary, since the job description was a bit general: "Develops and implements information management strategies. Coordinates and manages information management solutions. Manages all aspects of the warehouses such as data sourcing, migration, quality, design and implementation." Another reason to be suspicious: the sample size is quite low (i.e., approximately 37.)

A few other outputs from this tool (salary + bonus):

  • Data Warehousing Managers: $116,452
  • Business intelligence analyst: $76,045
  • Database analyst*: $66,917
  • Database architect*: $105,088
  • Database developer/modeler*: $72,788
See this site for a summary table.

Certification Magazine also published a survey with 2006 salary information. Craig Mullens did a good job of summarizing the results in this post. Of note, certified DBA's came in with an average salary of $83,790. This ranged widely depending on the type of RDMS. For more information refer to Craig's post, the original article, or the summary jpg with results.

Of course, The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) does a very exhaustive annual salary survey for BI called "2006 TDWI Salary, Roles, AND Responsibility Report." Membership is required to view this. A few of the highlights (for year 2005):

  • BI director: $117,260 + average bonus of $20,104 received by 75%
  • Lead architect: $107,239 + average bonus of $12,517 received by 53%
  • BI tools manager/developer: $86,757 + average bonus of $9,059 received by 64%
  • ETL manager/developer: $79,937 + average bonus of $8,397 received by 55%
  • Data analyst/modeler: $80,130 + average bonus of $8,653 received by 57%
  • Technical architect/systems analyst: $80,984 + average bonus of 9,683 received by 52%
I highly recommend the TDWI report. It'd almost be worth the membership. It has a lot of detail, job descriptions, etc behind the numbers. Salary Center also does salary surveys. An analysis of the DW/BI-related provided the following (salary + bonus):

Thoughts? Any surveys or positions I missed?

* Indicates that these figures are not necessary related specifically to BI.



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